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Meta data management

As well as having complete control of every page's metadata, with OmCore you can also control the metadata of all modular content so every blog, product and case study can be set up for maximum natural search.

Search engine friendly URLs

We've invested a lot to ensure that every URL generated by OmCore is structured for maximum natural search.

XML site map feeds and Google notifications

OmCore generates an XML site map of your website's entire site structure, including links to all modular content (blog articles, products etc.), and every time you make a change we notify Google, so GoogleBot will know it's time to crawl your site and exactly where to go.

Google's canonical URLs and rel="prev", rel="next" metadata

OmCore automatically generates Canonical URL meta tags when URLs contain query strings (e.g. "?sort=title"), and rel="prev" rel="next" meta tags for pagination, so that Google consolidates ...

Keeping ahead of the game

Our development team are constantly reviewing the latest industry practises, and working with leading 3rd party SEO companies, and implementing what can be automated directly into OmCore, released through regular upgrades so, when it comes to natural search, your website won't be left behind.

Home/ Features/ Search Engine Optimisation