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No limits to your product range

With OmCore you can have unlimited product types (hat, car, bed etc.), and with no restrictions on the number of variations (colour, size, weight etc.) each type can consist of, it can handle even the most complex of products.

SEO friendly product landing pages

On top of product metadata management, OmCore automatically incorporates product names and categories into page titles, URLs, and navigational menus so that your website will achieve higher search engine ranking.

We ensure your products are listed within Google

OmCore will generate an XML site map that incorporates all of your product's URLs, and automatically send Google sitemap submissions so that every product is searched and listed.

Product publication

OmCore’s product categorisation and content types make it quick and easy to publish new products across your site where they need to be and to the right audience. We’ve got category lists, tags lists, product filters, related products, and best sellers features, to name but a few.

Fully integrated checkout

OmCore’s refined three step checkout process makes ordering easy for your customers, and reduces abandonment. Customers details are automatically captured in the database for future marketing opportunities and email promotions. The checkout comes fully integrated with PayPoint, our preferred PSP (Payment Service Provider), or can be integrated into any 3rd party PSP.

Powerful order management

With OmCore it is easy to stay on top of your orders. We’ve got automatic email notifications, printable invoices, stock tracking, and the integrated management of refunds, cancellations, and deferred payments. Built in monthly and yearly sales reports offer information on your most popular products, total revenue, VAT, and net profit helping you to review and forecast.

Customer database management

Keeping in contact with your customers is important for your ongoing success and key to generating new sales. Simply drop a pre-made form into your site to capture visitor’s details and immediately start building your customer database. Searches, filters, and categorisation make management easy, and our export feature means you are free to use your data with any 3rd party service.

Discounts & voucher codes

OmCore's flexible voucher code system allows you to set up a wide variety of discounts for you product range. You can set up fixed priced discounts, percentage discounts, and have them applied to individual products, product categories, and with or without a minimum spend.

Home/ Features/ Ecommerce Software