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Unlimited pages

Unlike other website building tools we don't restrict you in the amount of pages you can publish, we encourage our users to keep their content up to date and relevant.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor

The WYSIWYG text editor makes it simple to control the formatting of page content without the need to understand any code and is used throughout the system.

Multi media - Images, documents, movies

Managing all of the website assets centrally through dedicated system modules enables you to keep track of all your files as your site begins to grow in size.

Content propagation

Reproduce content across your entire site structure will enable you to manage global changes through a single instance of the content.

Unlimited flexible page templates

There are no restrictions on the amount of page templates that can be built to cater for different marketing activities from promotional landing pages through to Ecommerce websites.

Home/ Features/ Content Management System