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12 reasons to go responsive, catering for all browsing devices!


With over 50% of all phones in the EU5 countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the UK) being smartphones (Source: Comscore) Responsive Web Design is rapidly becoming the new standard for website development.

Here are 12 good reasons why you should go responsive.

  1. Less time required to maintain your content
    Responsive websites have a single source of content reducing website maintenance time, compared to the workload of updating multiple mobile site versions.
  2. Media queries determine the layout automatically
    Responsive websites are not simply a stripped down version of the desktop site, instead media queries are used determine the optimal content presentation and layout.
  3. Fluid grid layouts maintain the presentation
    Responsive design uses a fluid grid layout that automatically adapts to accommodate a wide range of the browsing device sizes be it desktop, tablet or mobile.
  4. Improved user experience
    Creating a standalone mobile website with limited content is reported to frustrate visitors already familiar with the content published on your desktop version.
  5. 'Mobile first' progressive development
    Adopting a ‘mobile first’ development approach improves the resulting user experience by progressively enhancing the content suited to each browsing device.
  6. Responsive images ensure fast page speeds
    Responsive images will ensure that your website still loads quickly on slower mobile connections with the browser automatically serving different image sizes.
  7. Easier to navigate around the site
    Eliminating the need to zoom in and out of content will vastly improve the usability of your website making it easier to navigate around your content.
  8. Loved by Google
    Google recommends responsive design for improving natural search engine rankings avoiding duplicate content issues created by standalone mobile websites.
  9. You only need to promote a single URL
    Improves social sharing success by having a single URL to promote avoiding any confusion for your referred visitors by adapting automatically to their browsing device.
  10. Improved user statistics
    Adopting a single URL also improves the ability to track visitor behaviour and interests more efficiently than monitoring data across multiple sub-domains.
  11. Significantly reduced development costs
    Responsive websites significantly reduce ongoing development costs through the continued development of a single platform, also retaining consistency.
  12. Responsive Web Design will present long term benefits
    Responsive design will essentially future proof your website against new browsing devices coming to the market every day, which also includes TV browsing.


If you'd like to update your current website by making it responsive, then please get in touch as we offer an affordable migration package to get you up and running in no time at all. 

Home/ Blog/ 12 reasons to go responsive, catering for all browsing devices!